With our extensive cutting edge technology equipments, we support a large variety of operations including auctions, live music, fair show, events, architectural and interior design, product launch, art exhibition, corporate event and so on … Thanks to a large inventory and professional technicians, we do have a solutions to every needs.  


From our large and up-to-date catalogue, we supply all types of needed materials -Tungsten, discharge, LED - for lights engineering, design with static and dynamic lights, lights effects, stage, showroom, live show, catwalk, etc, including a range of control consoles, features, networking devices. Our experienced teams offer solutions to all typology of applications and customized design. 


Audio and acoustic engineering, from small to large scales sound system, backliner & backline, etc. In addition to state-of-the-art products, our specialists will look for the best approach according the environment, the acoustic, the frequencies... to get the best rendering.


Video engineering, wide panel of broadcasting mediums, from LED to video LSD wall, projection mapping, hologram, control devices... we supply the latest and broadly used video technology. Among our innovative products, our team will propose the most suitable solution for any productions.

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